Knightshoot Media Inc is a forward-thinking film production company formed in 2021.

Our home base is Ottawa, Ontario but that in no way defines the scope of our reach. We have affiliates in Montreal, Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver and outside Canada.

Knightshoot’s mission is to tell true stories on film. Currently there are two projects in development, each completely different from the other. One is a never before told true crime story with an in-depth look at the complexity of criminal activities. It explores the lives of the criminals, their victims and their families. The other story deals with the survival of hope, faith and the resilience of the human spirit against the backdrop of the Nazi atrocities of the second World War.

In collaboration with a top-notch team of screenwriters, graphic designers, casting directors, directors and co-producers, Knightshoot brings together the right talent to create a synergy unique to each project.

In this era where there is a voracious appetite for new creative content, KSP is on the lookout for leading edge gripping stories based on real life experiences.

Thomas Gussman

President of Knightshoot / Co-Executive Producer / Senior Writer / Editor

Tom Gussman was educated at UBC and UCLA up to the doctoral level. He was elected a Woodrow Wilson Fellow upon graduating from UBC.
His career has focused on strategic writing and creative problem solving for complex multi-jurisdictional issues. Has been a senior advisor and strategic editor for more than a dozen major public inquiries and royal commissions.

Mike Migliara

Vice-president of Knightshoot / Co-Executive Producer / Co-Writer / Executive Casting Director

Mike Migliara has served, with expertise, award winning producers and directors, such as George Clooney, Denis Villeneuve, Jim Donovan, and many more throughout his 20 years working as a casting director. Mike began his career in Montreal, where he was born and raised. He received his Baccalaureate in Fine Arts from Concordia University. He is the founder and artistic director of The Screen Acting Academy of Canada, headquartered in Ottawa, which was recently voted the number one acting school in Ottawa by Faces Magazine.


Senior Screenwriter

Matt Quinn has been writing stories for more than 25 years, having developed a passion for writing at an early age. Matt studied scriptwriting at Algonquin College in Ottawa. Some of his short stories have appeared in various publications. His play Starting Over has shown at the NAC’s 4th stage. He has written several screenplays including EMEC, Surviving The Black, The Master Stroke, Dave Imaginary, The Wingman, Sweat Shop, Bounty Hunter X, The Portrait, and the radio play The Second Leap for Mankind. He has also collaborated on several films, such as Spinal, Suburban Intrigue, Broke, Fine Print and the series Land’s End (with Michael McNeil).


Production Personal, Producers and Distributors

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Submissions are welcome for review. Please keep in mind that only true stories will be considered.

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